Mr.Bean Videos Deutsch

Mr.Bean Videos Deutsch

Mr.Bean Videos Deutsch

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Although I can look at it a little deeper now and see there must be more to this character than than meets the eye.

There must be a reason why he does things the way he does and things seem to keep going wrong for him. As others have noted, it looks like he may have a type of autism.

In fact I'm so convinced about it that I really think were a professional psychologist to analyse him, I think Mr Bean could be the first famous, fictional character to be diagnosed with something like Asperger's Syndrome.

If you'd like to see some truly hilarious British humour at it's very best before it all became obsessed with sex and vulgarity, then this would come highly recommended.

Shows like Little Britain do work because it's well realised but it's really just as vulgar as the rest. Shows like this show we were more restrained and civilised once, and hopefully we might start putting out this type of humour more again sometime soon.

Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs.

Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews.

Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. Bumbling, childlike Mr.

Bean has trouble completing the simplest of tasks in day-to-day life, but his perseverance and resourcefulness frequently allow him to find ingenious ways around problems.

Creators: Rowan Atkinson , Richard Curtis. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S1. Error: please try again.

Best TV Series. Favourite TV shows of all time. My Favourite TV Shows. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of Mr.

Bean have you seen? Bean and Teddy go into the loft in search of an umbrella. Whilst looking, Bean uncovers a piece of paper with a smile showing teeth and 9.

After a flashback, Bean opens a basket, takes out a saxophone and pretends to play a tune, remembering "The Return of Mr. Bean then takes out two baubles and remembers "Merry Christmas, Mr.

Welcome to the Official Mr Bean channel. The first episode of the original Mr Bean series starring Rowan Atkinson was first broadcast on 1st January Since then Mr Bean has become known all over the world.

Created by Rowan Atkinson, Richard Curtis and Robin Driscoll, there were only 14 episode of the live action series ever made. See more about.

Playing next Teaser Trailer. Flower Carpet in Brussels. Fresh Movie Trailers. Spider-Man Homecoming Movie.

Yorn King. Knives Out - Trailer. Bean " [3] and has received a number of international awards, including the Rose d'Or.

The series has also been sold in territories worldwide and has inspired an animated spin-off and two theatrical feature-length films along with Atkinson reprising his role as Mr.

Bean for a performance at the London Summer Olympics opening ceremony , television commercials and several sketches for Comic Relief. Besides the acclaim of the show, another reason for the show's appeal in hundreds of territories worldwide is that the show uses very little intelligible dialogue, making it very accessible to people who know little or no English.

The character of Mr. Bean was developed while Rowan Atkinson was studying for his master's degree in electrical engineering at The Queen's College, Oxford.

A sketch featuring Bean was shown at the Edinburgh Fringe in the early s. One of Bean's earliest appearances occurred at the " Just for Laughs " comedy festival in Montreal , Quebec, Canada, in When programme coordinators were scheduling him into the festival programme, Atkinson insisted that he perform on the French-speaking bill rather than the English-speaking programme.

Having no French dialogue in his act at all, programme coordinators could not understand why Atkinson wanted to perform on the French bill instead.

As it turned out, Atkinson's act at the festival was a test platform for his character and he wanted to see how his character's physical comedy would fare on an international stage with a non-English speaking audience.

The character's name was not decided until after the first episode had been produced; a number of other vegetable-influenced names such as "Mr.

Cauliflower" were explored. Bean is also similar to early silent films , relying purely upon physical comedy with Mr.

Bean speaking very little dialogue although like other live-action sitcoms during this period, it featured a laugh track.

This has allowed the series to be sold worldwide without any significant changes to dialogue.

The title character and main protagonist, played by Rowan Atkinson , is a childish buffoon who brings various unusual schemes and contrivances to everyday tasks.

He lives alone at the address of Flat 2, 12 Arbour Road, Highbury , and is almost always seen in his trademark tweed jacket and a skinny red tie.

He also usually wears a digital calculator watch. Bean rarely speaks, and when he does, it is generally only a few mumbled words which are in a comically low-pitched voice.

His first name he names himself "Bean" to others and profession, if any, are never mentioned. In the first film adaptation , "Mr.

Bean often seems unaware of basic aspects of the way the world works, and the programme usually features his attempts at what would normally be considered simple activities, such as going swimming, using a television set, interior decorating or going to church.

The humour largely comes from his original and often absurd solutions to problems and his total disregard for others when solving them, and his pettiness and occasional malevolence.

In the beginning of episode two , Mr. Bean falls from the sky in a beam of light accompanied by a choir singing Ecce homo qui est faba "Behold the man who is a bean" which was sung by the Southwark Cathedral choir in The opening sequence was initially in black and white in episodes two and three , which was intended by the producers to show his status as an "ordinary man cast into the spotlight".

However, later episodes showed Mr. Bean dropping from the night sky in a deserted London street against the backdrop of St Paul's Cathedral.

At the end of episodes three and six , he is also shown being sucked right back up into the sky in the respective background scenes black scene in episode 3 and street scene in episode 6.

Regarding the opening credits, Atkinson has acknowledged that Bean "has a slightly alien aspect to him".

Bean: The Animated Series episode "Double Trouble", the alien aspect of him was used in a storyline in which he is taken inside a spacecraft with aliens who look exactly like him and even have their own plushy toys.

In an obvious homage towards the end, the aliens send him back home in a beam of light and music similar to the opening of the original Mr.

Bean series. Whether Bean is an extraterrestrial is not made clear. Bean's long-suffering girlfriend, Irma Gobb played by Matilda Ziegler , appears in three episodes.

In " The Curse of Mr. Bean " and " Mr. Bean Goes to Town ", the character is simply credited as "the girlfriend".

She is treated relatively inconsiderately by Bean, who appears to regard her more as a friend and companion rather than as a love interest.

However, he does become jealous when she dances with another man at a disco in "Mr. Bean "; his failure to do so results in her leaving him for good.

Despite this, she later reappears in Mr. Bean: The Animated Series. It is revealed in the book Mr. Bean's Diary that Bean met Irma Gobb at a local library.

Teddy is Mr. Bean's teddy bear and, apparently, best friend. This little brown bear is a knitted oddity with button eyes and sausage-shaped limbs which invariably end up broken in half or in various other states of destruction and disfiguration.

Although Teddy is inanimate, Mr. Bean often pretends it is alive: he always buys it a Christmas present or tries not to wake it up in the morning.

For example, when Mr. Bean hypnotizes Teddy, he snaps his fingers and the bear's head falls backwards as if it had fallen asleep instantly.

Bean used his finger to prop Teddy's head up. Teddy is often privy to Mr. Bean's various schemes and doubles as a tool or other items in emergencies; it has been decapitated " Mr.

Bean " and shrunk in the wash " Tee Off, Mr. Bean ". Teddy is also Mr. Bean's "pet" in " Hair by Mr. Bean of London " where he is used to win a pet show.

Over the years, Teddy has undergone several changes. When it debuted on " The Trouble with Mr. Bean ", it had a smaller head.

Two episodes later, its head reached its current size but its "eyes" were not present until Bean placed gold thumb tacks on its face.

The "eyes" have since been replaced with two small white buttons sewn over Teddy's face, giving it a distinctive image. Mr Bean's vehicle, a citron-green [18] British Leyland Mini Mark 4 [19] with a matte black bonnet , was central to several antics such as Bean getting dressed in it, driving while sitting in an armchair strapped to the roof or attempting to avoid a car park fee by driving out through the entrance.

Throughout the sitcom, Bean keeps it locked with a bolt-latch and padlock rather than the lock fitted to the car, which formed a running gag in several episodes; in two episodes, he demonstrated an additional and innovative security measure in that he removes the steering wheel instead of the key which in one episode deterred a car thief.

In " Back to School Mr. Bean ", Bean's Mini is crushed by a tank as part of a demonstration after he replaced an identical Mini registration ACW V meant for the demonstration with his own to secure a parking space.

After losing it, he removes his padlock and bolt-latch from the remains. Although the Mini has been crushed, it nonetheless reappears in subsequent episodes with the same colours and registration number SLW R as the car that has been crushed.

There were three Minis painted green and black used in the series, as well as two others painted with the same colour scheme but with no engine that got crushed by the tank.

One of the main cars was also crushed by the tank. During filming many parts were swapped from car to car throughout production, including bonnets, wheel trims, grilles, steering wheels, rear lights, occasionally the driver's door and the seat covers.

After filming ended, one of the original Minis was sold to Kariker Kars to be hired for various events whereupon it was temporarily displayed as a major attraction at the Rover Group's museum.

In , it was purchased by the Cars of the Stars Motor Museum and displayed for a number of years, later being sold on to a museum in the United States.

The main Mini is privately owned and nearing the end of a restoration in the south of England. To promote Mr. The Mini was going to appear in the first film adaptation of the series under the registration C EUW.

Bean drives his Mini through Harrods in order to avoid a traffic jam. Although the sequence was filmed, it was not included in the final cut.

The Mini reappeared in Mr. In , Mr Bean returned in a sketch for Comic Relief in which he drives his Mini to attend a funeral.

This Mini bore the same registration as the one in the animated spin-off. Since the pilot episode, Mr. Bean has had a long-running feud with the unseen driver of a light-blue Reliant Regal Supervan III registration GRA 26K , which would usually get turned over, crashed out of its parking space and so forth by Bean in his Mini, who is usually oblivious to the results.

These mishaps also became a running gag throughout the series. In " Tee Off, Mr. Bean ", Bean is hitchhiking and the Reliant pulls over for him but Bean, who recognizes the car, pretends to not see it until it leaves.

The Reliant reappears in Mr. Bean in his Mini. In the episode "Young Bean", the identity of the Reliant driver is revealed for the first time albeit shown in a flashback as a child.

In the episode "Car Wars", after being abused by Mr. Bean for many years, the driver becomes angry and fed up, and decides to get his revenge by giving him a taste of his medicine.

Although Mr. Bean is the only significant character in the programme, others appear usually as foils for his various antics. Other than his girlfriend Irma Gobb Matilda Ziegler , there are more characters in each episode.

All 15 episodes of Mr. Bean were produced by Tiger Aspect Productions. Additionally, the character has been used in one-off sketches, guest appearances and television commercials in the United Kingdom.

The fourteenth episode, " Hair by Mr. Bean of London ", was originally released as a direct-to-video VHS exclusive in , and was not broadcast on television until 25 August on Nickelodeon.

Due to its widespread popularity, the series aired in many other countries; in the United States, it aired on HBO starting on 2 April , and also ran on PBS television stations across the United States.

Bean was aired on the Philippines television network ABS-CBN in and later moved to the network's sister station Studio 23 from its launch in until lasted a year.

In Indonesia , Mr. Reruns of the series were also shown on Fox Family during the late s, both as segments in the variety series Ohh Nooo! Bill Presents and as stand-alone episodes.

The words sung during the title sequences are in Latin :. The theme was later released on Goodall's album Choral Works.

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Mr.Bean Videos Deutsch -

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In , CITV commissioned a brand new series of episodes. Two theatrical feature-length films featuring Mr.

Bean have been released, with Atkinson reprising his role as the character in each. The first film, Bean , was directed by Mel Smith , released in and followed the misadventures of Mr.

Bean as he oversaw the transfer of Whistler's Mother to a Los Angeles art gallery. The film broke from the programme's traditional narrative by using a subplot with more developed characters, whereby Bean was not the sole centre of attention, but interacted with a suburban Californian family that he stays with during the film.

The second film, Mr. Bean's Holiday , was directed by Steve Bendelack , released in and followed Bean on an eventful journey across France for a holiday in the French Riviera to which, after a number of mishaps, culminates in an unscheduled screening of his video diary at the Cannes Film Festival , [43] despite an earlier rumour in February stating that an unused script by Richard Curtis would see him on an Australian misadventure.

The film is notable for featuring a mixture of traditional film photography and home-shot video camera photography. Bean's Holiday was the last live-action appearance of the character, [47] before reappearing at the London Olympics opening ceremony six years later.

Top Funny Comedian: The Movie is a spin-off film of a Chinese variety show of the same name; the plot involves a number of Chinese people getting involved in a series of misadventures during a visit to Macau at the same time as Mr.

Bean, a supporting character in the film. In , Atkinson reprised his character for a live performance as part of the London Summer Olympics opening ceremony.

In the scene, Mr. For this scene, Bean does not wear his usual brown tweed sports jacket but the traditional clothing of the musician - white tie and tails.

As they perform the piece, Bean is mostly bored with playing the same note repeatedly on the synthesiser and gets jealous of the more interesting part being played on the grand piano.

Still bored, he takes out his mobile phone and takes a picture of himself, looking proud. He then sneezes in a comical fashion and tries to retrieve his handkerchief from his bag behind him, finding he cannot reach it while at the synthesizer until he uses an umbrella to maintain his performance.

When he finally blows his nose with his serviette, he throws it into the grand piano. He then falls asleep continuing to play the note.

A dream sequence of the opening scene of the film Chariots of Fire shows the characters running across a beach, though Mr. Bean dreams he is running with them.

He begins to fall behind, until he hails a car to overtake all the others. Now running in front, Bean ensures he wins the race on the beach by tripping one of the runners trying to overtake him, whereupon he crosses the line with elation, and then wakes up.

Finding that the rest of the orchestra have stopped playing while he continued his one recurring note, Bean, with encouragement from Rattle, plays an extended flourish and lastly touches a note that makes a flatulent sound then stops.

Two books tied-in to the original live-action series were released: Mr. Bean's Diary in and Mr. Bean's Pocket Diary in The two books have identical content and differ only in the format in which they are printed.

The content of both is a template diary with handwritten content scrawled in by Mr. They provide some additional information on the setting: for example, they establish that Mr.

Bean lives in Highbury and rents his flat from a landlady named Mrs. They confirm the name of Mr. Bean's girlfriend as "Irma Gobb" and also give the name of the other man she actually dances with in Mr.

Bean Goes to Town Giles Gummer. An additional book also called Mr. Bean's Diary was released in to accompany Mr.

Bean: The Animated Series ; this book was also graded as a children's reader. Two further books, Mr.

Bean's Holiday respectively. Rowan Atkinson has appeared in character as Bean in many television broadcasts, sometimes as a publicity stunt to promote a new episode, DVD or film.

A number of short sketches for the Comic Relief telethon have also been produced and Bean also starred in various commercials and music videos.

In the United Kingdom Region 2 , episodes of Mr. Bean were released on a yearly basis by Universal Pictures UK from The complete collection is now available, including the two feature films and other extras.

These releases are unique in that they contain the original opening credits for the first three episodes, as seen when originally broadcast on television.

In addition, they contain extra scenes which were edited into certain episodes at the request of PBS , in order to extend the run-time for a commercial-free airing.

In Canada, Mr. The documentary The Story of Mr. Most notably, in the UK version, the section detailing The Tall Guy has humorous clips from the film removed.

Bean and many others. The record-selling UK videos were withdrawn shortly before the release of Bean , and the DVDs were released on an annual basis since In August , an official YouTube channel of the series was launched featuring content from both the original live-action and animated series.

This set contains digitally remastered episodes similar to the British release , the minute The Story of Mr.

Bean ", a minute clip show. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the original television programme.

For the title character, see Mr. Bean character. For other uses, see Mr. Bean disambiguation. British sitcom created by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis.

Rowan Atkinson Richard Curtis. Thames Television — Central Independent Television — Main article: Mr. Main article: List of Mr.

Bean episodes. Bean animated TV series. Main articles: Bean film and Mr. Bean's Holiday. Tiger Aspect Productions Ltd.

Archived from the original on 19 December Retrieved 8 February Archived from the original on 18 October Retrieved 14 March Retrieved 6 September See his movies".

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Hindustan Times. International Business Times. Retrieved 29 July Factory - Mr. Retrieved 2 June Archived from the original on 22 December Retrieved 27 June Bean in appearance".

Archived from the original on 4 September Retrieved 15 February Financial Times. Krebs on Security. Retrieved 16 May Bean " " The Return of Mr.

Bean " " The Curse of Mr. Bean " " Mr. Bean " " Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean " " Back to School Mr. Bean " " Tee Off, Mr.

Bean " " Goodnight Mr. Bean " " Hair by Mr. Bean Mr. Richard Curtis. Here We Go Again Yesterday Blackadder — Mr.

Ben Elton. Comic Relief and Sport Relief. Richard Curtis Lenny Henry. And They're Off! Bean The Curse of Mr. Categories : Mr. Bean s British sitcoms British television series debuts British television series endings British comedy television shows British children's comedy television series English-language television shows Endemol Shine Group franchises ITV sitcoms Comic Relief Television series created by Richard Curtis Television series created by Rowan Atkinson Television programs adapted into films Television programs adapted into novels Television programmes produced by Thames Television Television series by Endemol Television series by Fremantle company Television shows set in London.

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Original title card. Tiger Aspect Productions. Bean", "The Curse of Mr. Bean", "The Trouble with Mr. Bean", "Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean", "Mind the Baby, Mr.

Bean", "Back to School, Mr. Bean" and "Goodnight, Mr. Bean", "Mr. Bean Goes to Town", "Mr. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S1.

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Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Rowan Atkinson Learn more More Like This. Bean's Holiday Comedy Family.

Bean Adventure Comedy Family. Bean: The Animated Series — Animation Comedy Family. A clueless yet clever loner bungles his way through life in London.

El Chavo del Ocho — Comedy Crime Family. Batman: The Animated Series — Animation Action Adventure. Justice League — Seven of the most formidable heroes form arguably the most powerful team ever.

Doctor Who TV Series Adventure Drama Family. The Road Runner Show — Animation Family Comedy. Popeye the Sailor — The Pink Panther Show — Shaun the Sheep — Animation Short Comedy.

Toy Story Animation Adventure Comedy. Edit Storyline The opening credits show Mr. Taglines: Silent, deadly, very very funny. Edit Did You Know?

Trivia Due to the focus on visual jokes as opposed to verbal humor, the show was able to connect to a world-wide audience.

In East-Asia, where it is not uncommon for people to also adopt a Western-sounding first name, the show was so popular that many boys adopted the name 'Rowan' in honor of Mr.

Bean's performer, Rowan Atkinson. Quotes [ opening theme ] Choir : [ singing ] Ecce homo qui est faba. Crazy Credits The words of the song played in the titles and credits, "Ecce homo" "ecce homo qui est faba.

Vale homo qui est faba" translate to "behold the man who is a bean. Farewell the man who is a bean".

Alternate Versions The interludes "End of part one" and "Part two" are cut out in future releases. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this.

Bean", what is the name of the song played on the radio in Bean's apartment just before his party?

Q: How did Mr. Bean meet his girlfriend, Irma Gobb? Q: What types of cars are driven on this show? Country: UK. Language: English.

Also Known As: Mr. Runtime: min 25 min 14 episodes. Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page.

Add episode.

Mr.Bean Videos Deutsch

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